Atlanta Westie Rescue

Atlanta Westie Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization run by club volunteers who love Westies and are passionate about rescuing them. The goal of our program is to find a loving home for all of our rescued Westies.

Our Westie Rescue Program

When we find a Westie needing rescue, we negotiate the terms of the rescue and take the dog into our possession. The dog is taken to a veterinarian where necessary medical care is given to return the Westie to a healthy state. Veterinary bills can be quite costly, sometimes costing thousands of dollars for medical procedures and medication, but it ensures our Westies are healthy before they are adopted.

Our club members are specially trained to care for foster dogs, so our Westies are kept in a foster home until they are returned to a health and ready for adoption.

We also accept Westie surrenders from Georgia residents who unfortunately can no longer care for their dogs. While it is difficult to give up a pet, we carefully vet new owners and find loving homes for our surrender dogs.

Our club takes applications from people who would like to adopt a rescued Westie. The applicants are carefully screened and a home visit is required before we complete the adoption. Each adopted Westie is truly the biggest success story for our club and why we do what we do.

Westie Rescues With Special Needs

All of our rescued Westies are precious and special, but a few are more special than others. These are our Westies with special needs.  Please consider giving one of these wonderful Westies a home.

Westie Rescues as Christmas Gifts

We reserve the right to suspend adoptions during the Christmas holiday. While a Westie as a Christmas gift may seem like a good idea, we do not feel it is the right time to bring a rescued Westie home.

Know a Westie in Need of Rescue?

If you are a resident, shelter, or rescue organization in Georgia and know of a Westie in a bad situation, send us a message.

The Westie Club of the South is a 501(c)(3) non-profit designation dedicated to rescuing Westies in the state of Georgia.

Westie Club of the South
Marietta, Georgia 30066